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Determine Authenticity When Buying Wooden Furniture.

Wooden furniture has a beauty of its own and makes an attractive addition to any home, but you should be aware of what you are buying- different wood types and compositions have different applications. Not to mention the fact that there is a very real possibility that you could be buying a cheap "imitation" sold as the real thing.

There are three different types of basic wood looks. Solid hardwood means that authentic hardwood has been used throughout the article. Lighter coloured hardwoods include oak, beech, maple and ash, darker colour varieties are imbuia, walnut, teak and kiaat. We use 99 percent solid Beech wood. Artificial laminate surfaces are imitation grains that are reproduced on a thin layer of paper or foil, bonded to a substrate

In a price-conscious market, the content of solid timber in furniture is a sensitive issue, particularly because most hardwoods are imported and therefore quite expensive. So, when buying a solid hardwood article, it is for life so care in selection is crucial.

The advantages of buying hardwood is that the investment value is good and because it is solid- repairs are fairly easy. However, the downsides are that hardwood furniture is expensive and prone to cracking and warping particularly in tops and doors. It is for this reason that Kamil applies the Beech Superwood Veneer on all doors and tops. For example pedestals, dressing tables and side boards. Wood veneers have the same appearance as hardwoods but cost a fraction of the price.

Wood creates a warm effect and is durable as well as being functional- choose the type you buy according to your needs. Also, customers should determine whether they are buying the genuine article or an artificial Plaster of Paris or plastic mould which sells as "hand-carved furniture."

For cleaning Kamil advises that their finishes should not be oiled or cleaned with water or any kind of spray. Once you start to apply the cleaning method, the furniture colour starts deteriorating. For cleaning, only a soft cloth should be used.

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